Christopheloiron dry itchy patches on skin spreading®

The MF® bermudas’ pattern is derived from the original continental trousers, our interpretation of classic late 50’s-mid 60’s casual slacks. These tailored short trousers are a departure from, no offense, dad’s favorite 1990’s cargo shorts, the recreational fisherman’s best friend. We aimed for a more elegant silhouette on this project, more summer in the bahamas than sunday at home depot.

Anchored in a british military style tradition allegedly dating back dry itchy patches on skin spreading to WW1, original ‘bermuda shorts’ called for a length of approximately one inch above the dry itchy patches on skin spreading knee, which we stuck with. Whether you go for the mandatory knee-length socks, blazer and tie dear to the respectable bermudian keen on dry itchy patches on skin spreading proper insular business attire, is up to you. For a casual stroll around town in old-school ivy league style, we think you’ll do just fine with a simple stanley or berkeley dry itchy patches on skin spreading shirt, topped with an unstructured continental sportcoat, and shod in a pair of vintage penny loafers or dry itchy patches on skin spreading wingtips… better yet, do your own thing, and forget “influencers”!

The above-the-knee target length will obviously depend on where one considers dry itchy patches on skin spreading the waist line to be. Our continental bermudas feature a mid-to-high rise, and, call us old-fashioned, we tend to think of the waist as a natural dry itchy patches on skin spreading line falling right above the hips. The simple single needle hem can easily be tailored to dry itchy patches on skin spreading one’s length of choice. A shorter length might convey more of a sporty and dry itchy patches on skin spreading contemporary vibe, although you might want to consult with your partner before dry itchy patches on skin spreading going full daisy dukes.

The second option, an off-white “congo gab” fabric, is an 8.85 oz. Blend of 86% cotton and 14% linen, an elegant ivory white twill with a subtly-contrasting darker heather oatmeal weft. The face of this denim-like fabric features unbleached yarns, while the reverse displays slubby flecks of natural fibers. For those intending to pair these white bermudas with the dry itchy patches on skin spreading SS2018 continental “congo gabardine” sportcoat, please note that the jacket features the oatmeal side as dry itchy patches on skin spreading the face, and both piece will not match as a two-piece suit.

As a rule I learned during my “ american rag cie” boot camp years as a picker, I’d usually pass on poly-cotton garments. But there was something about that 60’s black and white racing jacket I couldn’t leave behind, despite its large modern-looking “solar productions” chest patch that threw me off at the time. That was no STP coolness, I thought. Late 1990’s…

If I remember well, this number came out of aadvark´s, a today-defunct socal vintage clothing store chain with reputedly low-priced hidden treasures, if one took the time to weed through the ocean dry itchy patches on skin spreading of run-of-the-mill garb, and knew the trade. The jacket, manufactured by ¨ bowler’s shirt and uniform¨ of los angeles, was intriguing. No iphone to google it up on the spot, so i shelled the $20 bucks or so, and took it home, saving it from its halloween costume fate…

Fast-forward to 2018. While working on our ¨YUCATÁN¨ SS2019 mfsc capsule collection, pulling-out that old jacket out of the closet made sense. Quick research had yielded several photos of mcqueen himself sporting dry itchy patches on skin spreading his, along with other members of the solar crew. These on-set pictures were mostly captured during the 1969-70 scouting and filming of ¨ le mans¨ in france. Check-out the book “ le mans in the rearview mirror“.